Practical, Professional Solutions

Headquartered in Hong Kong, the world’s international business hub, b free aims to lead the BPO industry by providing client-tailored outsourced business services with an attention to flexibility, speed, and client care.

Our services leverage our highly trained workforces across the world and can save you up to 70% on traditional internal service offerings. Our talent networks cover most major continents particularly in the indian subcontinent and Asia Pacific regions.

With our solutions, businesses can focus on scaling their operations without the hassles of sourcing and managing staff overheads in a business environment based upon change. Typically, our solutions help boutique and medium-sized enterprises leverage flexible solutions for scalable resources with dedicated client service.

Why Choose Us

Our outsourced and business service solutions offer:

  • Client-tailored solutions, with flexible packages
  • Dedicated client managers
  • Expert-lead resources
  • Focus on Asia Pacific business and industry

Looking for a First-Class Outsourced Business Solution?